project guidelines

project write-up

Your write-up should tell a narrative about your product. It may be any form of written deliverable that you like (report, web page, short story, etc.).

  1. introduction and context – This should create a clear narrative explaining the context of your technology, focusing on the aspects you deem most relevant. Interpret this context in some way: What are the big take-home messages? Use sources and evidence!
  2. materials science analysis – This should explain the interrelationships among composition, structure, properties, and performance for each component.
  3. material selection analysis – For each component, this should compare the material used to other candidate materials and explain why this material (and, optionally, processing) is a good choice and/or why another material may be better.

I’m looking for the equivalent of about 2n pages of written text, where n is the number of team members. For example, if you have 3 people on your team, you should have 6 pages, more or less.

project poster

For each component you should clearly explain the connections between material composition, structure, properties, and performance. If you want inspiration on how to make powerful and clear visual explanations, check out The Way Things Work (or The New Way Things Work).

project assessment

This project will be assessed according to the following criteria.

  • communication and composition (both poster and written deliverable)
  • qualitative analysis (both technical and contextual)
  • diagnosis and quantitative analysis