MatSci 2015

This is the class site for MatSci @ ATLAS.

The questions that are guiding us in this class are:

  • What is it? (composition and microstructure)
  • What does it do? (material properties and performance)
  • How is it made? (manufacturing, life cycle)
  • Why is it made? (societal impacts, economics)

The schedule for the course can be found here. Based on your feedback and my observations, it will adjust as needed.

The required books for this class are: Engineering Materials 1 & 2 by Michael Ashby.

To help guide our study and project work, each week I will post a document outlining the homework and tasks, which I creatively call a WHAT (Weekly Homework And Tasks).

The goal of the homework is to structure, summarize, and communicate what you’ve learned about your product. Most of it consists of questions for you to answer about your product. These questions are intended to help guide your research and study. In some cases, you may believe that there are better or more relevant questions, or a more productive avenue of study. Use your best judgement. To allow me to give feedback, please follow the homework guidelines when sending me your work.

To get feedback on your work, please send it to me before Friday morning. I will read on Friday and Saturday and talk to you about it in class, if time allows.

You may provide evidence throughout the semester. You may use work described in the WHATs or, based on your learning goals, you may propose and submit other evidence. In addition to your product study, you must submit at least two significant pieces of evidence.