Missing the deadlines is not an option. If you fall behind, it will be difficult-to-impossible successfully complete your project.

Every team will meet with me on Wednesday afternoon.

There may be a few mini-lectures on analysis tools related to the topics that you choose. It is possible that a team selects a system that I do not know some basic analysis tools for. If that is the case, then we will learn what is needed together.

week 1 (Nov 3-10): Students form teams and set goals.

Due: A short (1 page) proposal.

week 2 (Nov 10-17): Students design system and analysis.

Due: A sketch of the system and goal of the project.

week 3 (Nov 17-24): Students design and build system.

In class: Review 1 (more information forthcoming)

week 4 (Nov 24-Dec 1): Students design and build system.

week 5 (Dec 1-8): Students collect data, begin analysis.

Due: A demonstration of working system, including measurement and recording. Draft of report or website.

In class: Review 2 (more information forthcoming)

week 6 (Dec 8-16): Students complete analysis and write-up.

Due: Report or project website.

In class: Final presentation and/or demonstration