Learning goals

  1. work effectively as a member of a project team
  2. design a system to acquire data
    1. describe each step of the system, from the real-world to the numbers including
      1. identify, describe, and address sources of error
      2. for sensors, describe relevant physical models and their implications
      3. for survey, econometric, and demographic data, describe sources of bias and issues related to sampling and reporting
    2. include at least one novel and/or nontrivial aspect (i.e. don’t just blindly copy a lab or build guide)
  3. acquire useful, quantitative data
    1. from sensors
    2. from a professional dataset, scientific or social
  4. make meaningful conclusions using the data or use the data to do something.
    1. identify and describe limitations of data, model, and analysis
    2. present the meaning and import of their results